To Bake or Not to Bake

After work yesterday I headed over to mom and dad’s neighborhood for a run. I really enjoy their neighborhood because there are great sidewalks and trails everywhere. The run was really not easy for me today (who am i kidding, it’s ever easy for me). I was having some tightness in my legs,  on the outside of my shins. I had to stop and rub them a few times. I am thinking I could really benefit from a tiger tail or some other type of massage tool for muscles. Anyone have any input on any massage tools? I still managed my way through the run and feeling pretty fantastic towards the end. I finished 4 miles in just under 40 minutes.

I cannot believe that I didn’t realize Spring had officially sprung until about 4:00 yesterday afternoon. My gosh, I have been so excited for it’s arrival and then when the day finally arrived, I completely forgot about it. Anyway, HAPPY SPRING friends, just one day belated! Woo eee I cannot wait for the tulips to start popping up! I think that is my favorite part of Spring.

I want to be here preferably with a skinny caramel latte in hand.

Once I got home from my run and showered up, I sat relaxing on the couch, and was struck with a terrible urge to bake. It was gloomy outside, I haven’t baked in a long time, and Pinterest had sucked me in and was inspiring me to get creative in the kitchen. My  mouth watered as I oogled these goodies.

I was left with a terrible hankering for chocolate BUT I gave up sweets for lent so if I were to make any of these treats, I would not be able to make them for myself. I could make them for my co-workers, that would be really nice right? That means I would have to resist licking any batter or eating any dough which happens to be my favorite part of baking in the first place.  I decided maybe it wasn’t the best idea. I know I would have strong enough willpower to resist but I guess I didn’t feel like torturing myself. I botched the baking idea, threw it out the window. Maybe on another gloomy day.

Instead of baking and savoring every morsel of a chocolate chip-oreo-brownie bar, I popped in a piece of dessert gum.

This helped to snap my craving but let’s be real, does not nearly compare to a REAL dessert. I mean, come on. At least my pants will thank me. 😛 Eighteen days until Easter.

Dinner last night was an old favorite/go-to meal: a big veggie-filled salad topped with a runny egg. It was G-O-O-D.

Mixed greens, mushrooms, broccoli, tomato, banana peppers, quinoa with Western Dressing and an egg on top! I completely flopped on the first egg attmept because the yolk broke on me in the cooking process. This would not result in a runny yolk and I was just not having that, so I ditched it even though I hate wasting food, and started on egg number two. Success.

I had a couple of snacks and relaxed the rest of the night. And that my friends is what you call a random, all over the place post. Good day.

So, here is my question for YOU: What are some of your “go-to” meals?