Fried Avocados Make the World a Better Place

We are yet another day closer to Christmas! The time is flying by as it always does and I am doing my best to soak in all I can of the celebration of Christmas around me. That means Christmas music at every chance, Christmas lights on, Christmas-scented candles, cookie making, etc.!! 🙂

This weekend was productive yet low-key. It started with date night at Lago Tacos in Excelsior, MN. It is a fairly small establishment full of so much coziness. The lights were dim, the room was perfectly warm, and they had holiday decorations up to add even further to the warm ambiance.

lago taco

Dana and I started dinner with an order of fried avocados #allinmoderation #yolo. OH.MY. There is a reason they earned the title spot for this post. These babies were incredible. You start with a cool and creamy avocado (you can’t go wrong there), then you roll it in a light batter with just a hint of salt, fry it up until golden brown, and serve it with some type of cool sauce with just a hit of spice. They created a home run with this one that’s for sure.

fried avocado at lago taco fried avocado at lago taco

I actually practiced decent self-control and stopped after two slices; I had a huge platter of tacos still coming my way!

The tacos come in an order of three so I decided to mix and match so that I could try three different tacos. I chose the garden, the grilled chicken, and the carnitas taco.

tacos at lago taco

I honestly think these were the best tacos I’ve ever eaten. My favorite out of the three was surprisingly the carnitas one although I loved them all.

I thoroughly enjoyed date night with my man (and had to model my new sweater from my mom and dad). 😉

date night lago taco

On Saturday we ran what seemed like a kajillion errands including a trip to Caribou for a Northern Lite Turtle Mocha (my current favorite) and purchasing a new vehicle for Dana!

In the evening we made our way to Dana’s parents for dinner and some Christmas cookie baking! My first Christmas cookies of the season, followed by more cookie making this week with mom!

Sunday we cleaned the house, got some groceries, ran some more errands, and finally whipped together dinner.

I made a  Parmesan Broiled Tilapia recipe that I found on the one, the only, Pinterest.

parmesan tilapia parmesan tilapia


It turned out well, but I still had to have some cocktail sauce on the side. I love my ketchup!

I am hoping and praying for a great week. Enjoy the holiday cheer around you my friends!


Have you ever tried fried avocados?

Have you tried any new recipes lately?

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