It’s Okay to Order Take Out

Good day my friends and happy St. Patty’s day!

st. patty's dog


I’m not at all Irish and don’t usually celebrate this day whole lot, but someday I’d like to get more into it and make green foods and eat corned beef and cabbage! I really want to make this recipe for corned beef and cabbage soup…

corned beef soup



It looks SO good!

If you plan to celebrate today, be safe and have fun!


This weekend was sure a lazy one for me and I loved it.

A few scenes from the weekend…

A humongo salad loaded with lots of goodies!



Cheering on Kevin and Dana as they ran the Get Lucky half-marathon. I decided to sit out the 7k this year. I signed up and everything but just wasn’t feeling ready for it or up to it so I decided just to spectate this year. I had a blast!


melanie cheering on the boys


The boys did great!


dana and kevin get lucky half


A beautiful baby shower with tons of delicious food.

baby shower


Vietnamese take-out…

vietnamese take out


And pizza…


As you can see I wasn’t really in the mood for much meal prep this weekend. We ordered more take out this weekend then we usually do in about 2-3 months! It’s definitely okay to have this kind of weekend every once in a while if you ask me.

We watched a couple of movies, and had a quiet, relaxing, and fantastic weekend. How was yours?!

melanie relaxing

How often do you order take out? What is your favorite take out food?

Our go-to is usually Chipotle, but every now and then we will go for Chinese or pizza.

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