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  1. harry nelson

    i wish you the best of luck with your new blog. it seems interesting and fun. keep the recipes comin.

  2. Margot

    Can you please pass on the recipe to the little hazelnut meringues with cranberries. My daughter has gluten intolerance and I would love to make them.

  3. José

    Hi there,

    I just love your wedding guest book. I want to do the same, but I don’t know where you got the frame. Can you tell me that?

    Greetings, José
    José recently posted…[duurzame d-day] vintage jurkenMy Profile

  4. Blanche

    Hi. Do you have the recipe for the pistachio and raspberry cupcakes? If so, I’d really appreciate it if you’d share it. Thanks and regards, Blanche

  5. Carol Orrell

    For carrot pizza, I suggest you put raw carrots in a juicer. Drink the juice and then use the pulp for the crust. No need to cook it. Save the arm work getting the water out.

  6. Karla Saucier

    Hello Melanie! I have a very active 16 year old, and I sometimes worry about her not eating enough. Do you have a guide about how many calories should she be consuming? She weighs 104 lbs and her height is 5 3″. She loves experimenting with new and healthy recipes. Loves veggies, meat not so much.

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