Dana and I LOVE to travel. Check out some of our travel adventures!


Bruges, Belgium
Chicago, IL
London, England
Lutsen, MN
Paris, France

Atlanta 2013
Colorado 2013
Ensenada, Mexico 2013
New York 2013
North Shore Camping 2013
Seattle 2013
Turks and Caicos 2013
Vancouver Island 2013

Atlanta 2012
Bogota, Colombia 2012 part 1
Bogota, Colombia 2012 part 2
Boundary Waters 2012
Boston/Cambridge HLS 2012
California 2012
Dominican Republic 2012
Miami 2012
New York 2012

Italy Honeymoon 2011

Traveling Tips
Clean Eating While Camping
Healthy Travel Tips from an Experienced Traveler
Meal Planning for Vacation
What to pack for a caribbean vacation 

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