Halloween Cuteness & Favorite Candy Then and Now


Here’s a little Halloween humor to liven up your day!

What’s a ghosts favorite fruit?


What kind of clothes do zombies where?

Decay NY!


Next, some adorable Halloween costumes to melt your heart. 

halloween 1 halloween 2 halloween 3 halloween 4 halloween 5

halloween 7


If you don’t know by now, I love kids! So stinkin’ cute.

My favorite Halloween candy now:

Halloween reese's


halloween candy 5


Weird, peanut butter and chocolate. 😉

My favorite Halloween candy as a kid:

halloween candy 3

Anything gummy: gummy bears, gummy worms, fruit roll-ups, fruit by the foot, fruit snacks, gushers…

halloween candy 4

Remember coming home from trick or treating and sprawling all of your candy out on the floor and dividing it out to see what you got?!

halloween candy 2

Oh, the memories!

halloween funny

How’s that for a random post? I hope you all have a spooky and safe Halloween!!

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