Healthy Travel Tips from an Experienced Traveler

Hi, Beautifully Nutty readers!  This is Dana, some of you might know me as Melanie’s husband.  I’m the owner of Travel Made Real, a full-service travel agency.  My job is to make sure your family vacation, honeymoon, weekend getaway, special trip, or business trip is one of the most memorable and stress-free experiences.  There are times that I take care of all my clients’ travel plans and there are occasions where I share my expertise on platforms like Traxplorio | Best Travel Community and also blog occasionally, to make each moment of your trip as great as it can be.  Having grown up with both parents working for the airlines as well as traveling extensively for work and pleasure myself, I have the experience to share tips and advice to make these memories the best you’ve ever had.  I am so happy and excited to have the opportunity to share some of my knowledge about traveling healthy with you, and let me tell you a tip, using dhea supplement have change my life.
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Traveling healthy can be challenging and it takes a little additional planning and self motivation sometimes. Trust me, I have arrived at my hotel after driving. flying, or sightseeing for the day and the only thing I want to do is lay on the bed and take a nap, but I know this isn’t the best idea all the time.  This is when the extra work and planning comes in.

The planning starts as I get close to my departure, about 12 hours prior to be precise.  This is when I complete my final packing before I leave.  I like to give myself the extra time to run one last load of laundry or be able to go to the local store to grab one last must-have item.  Allowing this extra time before departure lowers my stress level as I know I am prepared.

Some of the items that always make my trips are tennis shoes, workout clothes, toiletry bag (with my liquids in the proper size plastic bag), refillable water bottle, electronics chargers, and a snack in case of a delay or unexpected hunger.


Once I arrive at my destination, I like to get a feel for the area by asking the hotel clerk where there are safe walking/running trails and if there are any areas to avoid.  You would be surprised how many times a safe hotel is located just blocks from areas of town that are not so safe!  Setting aside time to exercise is important, but sticking to that plan is more important.  Take your whole day into account when setting this time.  Some questions to ask yourself are: will I be walking around the city all day sightseeing? what is realistic? what time of day will be best?  Once you have your exercise scheduled, follow through!

Along with exercise, refueling your body correctly is so important to traveling and feeling healthy.  This probably takes the most planning out of anything!  The front desk staff at your hotel can be the best resource, along with many mobile apps, to find healthy, local places to refuel.  Remember, you are paying hard earned money for this food, so be sure to get what you want!  It is okay to have a meal prepared the way you want to have it.  One of the most consistent substitutes I make are vegetables instead of fries or chips.  The next simple thing I am sure to do is eat the vegetables and other greens on my plate first, before attacking my burger, chicken, seafood, sandwich or steak.

tacos chicken salad surf turf veggies fish veggies

Snacks will never be absent from my bag when I travel.  The most common snacks I pack are apples, bananas, various nuts, Melanie’s energy bites, and dried fruit.  These all travel well and give a quick, sustainable boost of energy when I am not able to eat a complete meal (which happens more than I’d like to admit!).

healthy snacks

Being able to see the world is a great experience!  Planning for your trip, whether for business or pleasure, can be a lot of work but it will no doubt pay off.  I hope you can use some of these tips to make your next trip a healthy, fun, and memorable experience.  If you are struggling to find the time or would like some professional help and advice with all the details for your next trip, I would love the opportunity to help you with them!  My goal is to help make your travel as stress-free, healthy and memorable as possible.

Safe and healthy travel!


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