I Am Grateful: August Recap

We are now three days into September which completely blows my mind. What happened to August, July, and June? Did they even happen?! I adore summer but I equally adore fall so I am so looking forward to slightly cooler weather, sweatshirts, and long cool walks but even still, I just can’t believe how time flies.

I wanted to do some type of recap from August. At first I thought about my favorite posts from August, or my favorite meals from August, but instead I wanted to put together a list of things I was grateful for in August. In fact, I hope to do this a lot more often because it makes me feel SO incredibly happy and lucky to see my blessings written out in front of me.

Without further ado, here is a short list (it could be a million pages long but I kept it short) of things I was grateful for in August and am always grateful for.

I Am Grateful For…

I am grateful for medical advancements and having the option to choose. I am taking the complementary approach to my health care right now by following with both Eastern and Western Medical doctors. I am grateful I have the options to choose.

be grateful

I am grateful for my legs that keep walking each day. That get me through miles of walks around the neighborhood, errands, and every day tasks.

I am grateful for my husband, family and friends. They are my #1 priority.

grateful for people

I am grateful for delicious food. I am so lucky to be able to eat healthy and delicious food everyday. I know many people struggle to find food on a daily basis.

grateful for everything

During the heat wave of August, I was very thankful for air conditioning.

ac puppy

I am grateful for the opportunities to fly out and visit friends in other parts of the country.

kate and melanie

I am grateful for the opportunities I have to meet amazing people through Beautifully Nutty. I have made incredibly strong connections to many other bloggers and can’t believe how close we have gotten. Also, In August I had the opportunity to meet Bethenny Frankel. Without the blog I don’t think this would have happened.


I am grateful for my dog. He makes me laugh everyday, he is always up for a walk, and he is always good company.


This is only a small list of things I am grateful for! I will continue to be thankful and grateful for each day! Life is short; be grateful for each day.

What are you grateful for?

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