Raw Vegan Truffle Brownies

Happy weekend my friends! I hope you all have some fun and relaxing plans this weekend. I will be spending the day out on the lake in the sun—eating, laughing, kayaking, pontooning, playing yard games, and sitting by a roaring fire. If that doesn’t say relaxation I don’t know what does.


Raw Vegan Truffle Brownies

I wish I could take credit for these amazingly chocolatey brownies, but I can’t. I can thank Julie and PB Fingers for introducing me to these bad boys. They came across this recipe on cook.me, and if you were to have a look at their recipes, I’m sure you’d find something titillating enough. I already personally thanked them for this incredibly easy and delicious recipe, and I have a feeling after you make these, you will do the same.

They are vegan, gluten-free, and use no refined sugars.

fudgy brownie bites

The first time I made these brownies I made them into fudgy truffle bites like Julie had done.



The first batch flew out of our house in less than a week. These taste like fudgy, soft, dark chocolate truffle brownies so it’s no surprise they didn’t last long.

This second time around making these I got a little lazy so instead of forming a bunch fudgy little balls, I made them into brownie bars and of course they taste just as great!

fudgy brownie bites

fudgy brownie bites

There are only four ingredients that go into these bars:

  1. 2 cups walnuts
  2. 1 cup dates
  3. 1/4 cup cocoa powder
  4. unsweetened coconut flakes

First process the walnuts in the food processor. Then add in the dates and the cocoa powder and process until a dough-like texture forms.

If you want to make balls, simple grab a small handful of dough and use hands to form balls. Place into plastic bag filled with coconut flakes. Give a gentle shake to coat the balls and store the balls right in the coconut bag.

For the brownie bars: ** I actually made 1.5 of the recipe for the brownie bars because it fit better in the pan** Line a 9 x 9 baking pan with saran wrap, sprinkle the bottom with coconut flakes, press the mixture down to form brownie-like bars, sprinkle more coconut on top, and press it in so it sticks. Cut into little squares and serve!

fudgy brownie bites

Julie captured the texture of these babies better than I could…



Thank you Julie! I am in love with these fudgy babies!


One last thing to share. I used up the leftovers from my lentil stuffing and created an awesome lunch yesterday. I sautéed broccoli and mushrooms, then added in the lentils to heat through. Meanwhile I cooked an over-easy egg. Once the veggie mixture was heated through I plated it and topped it with my egg! So easy, so delicious and satisfying!


eggs and veggies

Have a great weekend!!


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