When You Smile…

…The whole world smiles with you.

There’s always something to smile about. I rounded up a few photos from good ol’ Pinterest that gave me a chuckle and a smile and I thought I would share them with you.

This was me last night…but not really.

smile 8


Growing up in a household with four boys and two girls, you would think that bodily function humor wouldn’t be so funny to me anymore, but sure enough it gets me every time. I would never do this though!

smile 2

Simply said…

smile 3


Don’t do this…

smile 4


Enjoy life and the simple things…



smile 5


I can’t even…

smile 6

Moose would approve of this one…

smile 7


smile 9




Find something to smile about today and share a smile with someone else.

smile reason



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Just For Smiles Friday

Smile, it’s Friday! Here’s a few Pinterest finds that made me smile this week. I hope they can do the same for you!

pinterest funny


Or new crayons, new backpack, new socks…




Do any other dog owners can relate to this one? It freaks me out every single time.

pinterest funny 2


This is why it’s rare for me to wear headbands. I think it’s partly due to my large head?

pinterest funny 3


Too cute.

Pinterest funny 4


So true.

little librarian


The most adorable librarian ever.



Love this!

good day

Be happy!

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