A Night Out With Bethenny Frankel

Now that it’s been a few days, I’ve had enough time to come down from cloud nine and process the greatness of what was my Wednesday night. Let’s back it up for a sec.

A few weeks ago I received an email from the Public Relations rep from the Bethenny TV show (which begins September 9th!). She explained that there was an exclusive cocktail party hosted by Bethenny Frankel called “Calling All My Girls” that is visiting eight cities around the United States, and it was going to be coming to Minneapolis in just a couple of weeks. She then proceeded to tell me she loved the content of my blog and thought that Bethenny’s audience would love it too. Then she invited me to be a VIP guest at the cocktail party!

I had to reread the email a few times and even google searched the sweet PR rep just to make sure this whole thing was legitimate. After some research I realized that it truly was for real. My adrenaline started racing and I quickly put together a response email.

The event was called, Calling All My Girls and it was an exclusive cocktail party for 150 ladies who wanted a night out with the girls and a chance to hang out with Bethenny and help celebrate her upcoming talk show called Bethenny. Of course I was going to attend!

For those of you who may not be too familiar with Bethenny Frankel…

She is a former natural food chef, in 2005 she was a contestant on Martha Stewart’s The Apprentice, and in 2008 she was selected for the reality show, The Real Housewives of New York. For personal reasons she left the show in 2011. Since then she has starred in a couple of her own reality TV shows, Bethenny Getting Married and Bethenny Ever After. She also established her own brand of lower calorie cocktails called Skinnygirl, which have been a total hit. She is a New York Time’s bestselling author and has come out with workout DVDs. To top it off, she has a beautiful little girl named Brynn who is obviously her pride and joy. Whewwww she is one busy woman!

Why people love her…

Bethenny is known as the TMI (two much information) Queen. She will say anything, she will say what she feels and doesn’t censor herself. She is completely open and honest and will answer any question that comes her way. She has a very motivated and driven work tactic that is highly admirable. She is real in the way she presents herself, and connects with her fans because of all of these reasons. She is sweet, funny, and absolutely beautiful, and I got to hang out with her!

Wednesday Night

I jumped on the chance to get all dolled up for a cocktail party hosted by Bethenny Frankel herself! To be honest, I had to google “cocktail party attire” because I really don’t frequent cocktail parties and had an idea of what to wear, but wanted to be sure.

I found this BCBG dress at Macy’s and got a killer deal on it! I truly think it was made for me–it fit like a glove and I loved it! I already had shoes to go with the dress (thanks Hales), a clutch (thanks Jeff and Ana) and just had to buy earrings and a bracelet.

bethenny event melanie cocktail dress

Upon arrival to the party we all had to sign in and get our access bracelets. Immediately cocktail waiters were coming around with Skinnygirl Moscato and champagne and the energy at the Union in Minneapolis was really electric.

bethenny skinny girl

I noticed that most of the women there had come with someone they knew and that is because the majority of the women there had won tickets to the party and were allowed to bring one guest. I didn’t even think to ask to bring a guest, so I showed up singular. This was fine with me though! I immediately noticed another blogger there (we wore special badges) and connected with her right away. I also found the woman that had emailed and invited me to the event, and she was so welcoming and kind. I felt at ease knowing I had already met two great people.


Eventually, we made our way up to the rooftop at the Union which was starting to fill up with people (this was a photo before the event hence the people-less rooftop).


On the rooftop we mingled with each other for an hour or so, munched on some seriously tasty appetizers, sipped on cocktails, and enjoyed the beautiful evening. Seriously the weather couldn’t have been more perfect.

bethenny event collage

skinny girl cucumber

They played a video of Bethenny talking about her life and growing up and where she is now, speaking about celebrating life, following our hearts, pursuing our dreams, and then she talked about her upcoming show. This is when reality started setting in that I was about to meet Bethenny!

As she made her grand entrance, we all went crazy! We were so excited to see her and she is just as beautiful, if not even more beautiful in person than she is on TV.


She talked with us for a while, answered some “Ask Bethenny Anything Questions”,” played some games, and then introduced a handful of bachelors who would be mingling with the crowd for the evening.

bethenny bachelor

bethenny with bachelors

Next, we were called over in groups to get the chance to meet Bethenny and take a photo with her. When my group was called I was surprised that I wasn’t nervous–just excited. That’s the aura that she gives off though; just completely real. You feel like you’re hanging out with a girlfriend.


On the right is a sweetheart I met named Lizzie! I also got to meet Lee who is a blogger at Fit Foodie Finds!

bethenny melanie and liz

I got to meet Bethenny! So exciting!

After we all got our turn meeting Bethenny, she came back to the stage to talk to us for a while longer and then finally had to say her good-bye’s. The event was from 6-9 and it flew by so quickly!

Before I forget to mention, the DJ at the event was incredible. Every song she played I would say “this is my song!” Just like my dress was made for me, I think she was my DJ.

Bethenny event DJ

I spent the majority of my evening with these two wonderful ladies: Jen and Erica. Erica blogs at Love.Baby.Life and Jen is a friend of hers. I was so happy to have met these girls. They were so genuine and fun!


At 9 pm, I decided I needed to head out; I’m not used to partying on a week night and had to work the next day. On our way out the door we were given a swag bag (yes!!). I peaked in it on the way home but was too exhausted to look entirely until the next day. In the bag: her brand new book Skinny Girl Solutions, Skinnygirl workout DVD, Skinnygirl Stevia and Monk Fruit Extract, Skinnygirl chocolate bar, Bethenny T-shirt, PurNaturals makeup, EOS chapstick (my new favorite!), and a really nice sturdy duffle bag. Amazing swag! IMG_3398

Talk about an adrenaline rush not only when I was at the event, but much of the time leading up to the event. I was wiped! It took me until Sunday to finally feel well-rested and back to normal. I obviously don’t get the opportunity to do things like this too often. Hanging out with the stars is exhausting, but so incredibly amazing! 😉

I feel so blessed to have had this opportunity and I so look forward to her upcoming show, Bethenny on September 9th!! You all should watch it too!

Have you ever met a celebrity?

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