Christmas Survey (my turn)

After yesterday’s more serious post, I was feeling the need for a fun light post. So that’s exactly what it’s going to be today.

This Christmas survey has been floating around the blog community (I got this one from Courtney who got it from someone else and so on). It’s time to relive some Christmas memories! Are you ready?!

1. Favorite Christmas Album/CD/Song? .

The past couple of years I have been really into Glee Christmas on Pandora. Also, my bro got me Lady Antebellem’s On This Winter’s Night CD and I have been listening to that each morning as I get ready for work. I like hearing different versions of Christmas songs versus the originals over and over and over…

2. Run on Christmas morning or take the day off?

Usually I would say no running in the morning, but this year since we are training for a 10K on January 1st, and Christmas falls on a Tuesday (our 3 mile run day), and since we don’t have plans until later in the day, I think Dana and I will be running a Christmas morning 5K together around the neighborhood. I may have to wear something festive or maybe carry bells? 🙂

3. What do you usually eat on Christmas morning?

Growing up mom would always make cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning and I loved them. I’d always try and pick out the one with the most frosting. Mmmmm…

4. Favorite holiday or Christmas tradition?

I keep trying to decide if I want to answer these in the present moment or from the past. I think I will go with the past to relive the memories…On Christmas Eve we would go to 5:00 mass which I always love because of all of the great music and warm holiday spirit in the room, and then we would travel to my Grandparents house who lived just a short distance away. Grandma would make spaghetti with homemade meatballs and although it has been quite some time since I’ve had them, I still remember how delicious they were.

After dinner, we would exchange gifts amongst the siblings as well as give mom and dad their gifts from us (usually something homemade from school) and then gifts to grandma and grandpa.

On the ride home at the end of the night I would watch the sky for Santa and his reindeer and would usually mistake an airplane with a red light for his sleigh. I didn’t tell anyone of course.

5. Real tree, fake tree or no tree?

I grew up with a real tree, and continue to go the real tree route. It’s become a tradition for Dana and me to go and cut one down ourselves. I LOVE the smell of real trees, and it’s a “greener” way to go, plus I love that it’s become our tradition as a couple.

6. Christmas pajamas… yay or nay?

Not usually but I did used to sport some amazing homemade PJ’s from grandma back in the day. That woman really knew how to sew. Someday I will be like that!

7. Where do you spend the holidays?

Now that I’m married, our Christmas plans pretty much change every year. This year, we will be with my family on Christmas eve, and Dana’s family on Christmas day. Both of our families live near by which makes it very easy to celebrate with both sides. I am very lucky.

8. Food that you always have during the holiday season? Favorite Christmas food/treat? 

Cookies! Although I don’t like to keep too many around the house because both hubby and I have incredible sweet tooths.

9. Open presents all at once or take turns?

We always take turns. We usually do oldest to youngest or youngest to oldest. Something simple. We’ve always been good about waiting for the other person to finish opening before starting to open our own.

10. Favorite Christmas(ish) movie?

Elf, Home Alone, White Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life, The Holiday. A couple of classics, a couple more modern.

And that ends the survey. That was fun!

I have to add just one more Christmas photo from the past and then I’ll be done…

Because really, it doesn’t get any cuter than that. I feel so warm and fuzzy! I have so much love for my family and can’t wait to have EVERYONE HOME very soon! Happy Holidays to all.

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  1. paleoinpdx

    I love the old photos! Some of your memories sound very similar to mine. I grew up in a small town in Michigan where nearly all of my family lived as well. We always had Christmas Eve at my grandma & grandpa’s after church, where we’d eat dinner and then exchange gifts. My two sisters and I always got new PJ’s, often handmade by grandma, on Christmas Eve and would change into them before riding home. I used to look for Santa & his sleigh in the sky too. Also, we always had real trees, often blue spruce … still my fav to this day too. Also, I swear my mom had a very similar outfit to your mom’s in that last picture! We had that similar curtain pattern too, but on vertical blinds. Real nice and very ’80s!

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