How to Make State Canvas Art

A lovely friend of mine wanted me to share how I made this little beauty…

minnesota state art

And I’m not about to let her down, so here it goes!

How to Make Canvas State Art:

1. I went to the craft store and bought:

  • A white canvas: choose whatever size works best for your space
  • A piece of heavier duty gold glitter paper
  • Navy blue spray paint
  • Red puffy paint
  • Super glue

2. At home, I sprayed the canvas (outside) covering the surfaceĀ completely. I let it dry and did a second coat. Again, let dry.

3. Meanwhile, google your state and print out it’s shape. I had to copy and paste mine into a word document and then enlarge it to get the size I wanted. Once printed, carefully cut out the paper state.

4. Lay the cut out state onto the backside of your glitter paper (making sure that the state will be the correct way, glitter side up once cut out; this means the state needs to be backwards when traced on the back of the glitter paper. Think about it). Use a pencil to trace the state. Carefully cut it out.

5. Once canvas is completely dried, carefully super glue the glitter state onto the center of the canvas.

6. Use puffy paint to draw a heart where your home city lies!

7. Hang art where you desire and enjoy!

Imperfections are not a big deal! They give the art more character. šŸ˜‰


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