My Friday Night: Blends and Spoon River

After work yesterday I made my way to downtown Minneapolis to meet up with my friends and fellow bloggers Katie and Becky. I always get excited about meeting up with these girls. Although we’ve only known each other for a short time, I feel so connected to them. Our conversations are always great, we laugh, we talk about life, blogging, food, etc. We always have an amazing time together and last night was no exception.

Becky poured me a glass of chilled white wine upon arrival of course. ๐Ÿ™‚ Like she says, if you come over, she’ll always keep your glass full of wine.


The only thing about this get together was that it was a little bittersweet. Becky will soon be moving to Chicago, so this was our Bon Voyage get together. It was more sweet than bitter however because for one, I am thrilled for Becky and this new chapter in her life, and two, Chicago really isn’t very far away; a quick plane ride or a five-hour car ride. It’s no big deal. Now we have more of a reason to go out to Chicago. We’re already starting to plan for our trip out there!

Last night we headed over to Spoon River for dinner which is “aย restaurant in Minneapolis committed to the advancement of organics, the support of local growers and serving the freshest, most delicious food possible.” sourceย  Sounds amazing right? Well, it was.

spoon river

I ordered the vegetarian special for the night which was zucchini stuffed with ricotta, goat cheese, and kalamata olives, roasted bell peppers, roasted eggplant, green beans, and a quinoa pilaf. Oh my goodness everything was fabulous; so full of flavor and incredibly fresh. Go eat there now!ย  spoon river

The company with dinner was pretty fab too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

becky katie melanie


We sat outside and enjoyed the perfect evening.

For dessert I enjoyed two homemade bars: a Special K bar from Katie and a cookie dough bar from Becky (recipe to come!). Both were sinfully delicious. I felt bad I didn’t have any bars to contribute!

We said our good-bye’s at the end of the evening but as I always say, “it’s not good-bye, it’s see you later.” I can’t wait to see you gals again soon. I love you both!

The remainder of the evening was spent cozied up in my sweats and laughing at this guy who thought it was a good idea to dissect his toy…


He looks a little suspicious if you ask me. What’s that hanging from his tongue? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I still have some crazy fun things to share with you from this past week, but I need a little more time to put it all together! Be on the lookout next week!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

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