A Breathtaking Sight, Then A Bad Night

After being struck by the stomach flu, I am finally back. When I get hit, I get hit hard I tell ya. It started late Saturday evening after a beautiful wedding we attended. Let’s focus on that part first…

The wedding was held at an outdoor facility called “The Woods” in Orono, MN. It was like nothing I had ever seen before. The altar was centered in the middle of well, the woods (hence the name), and in front of a gorgeous water fountain.

The colors from the changing leaves on the trees surrounding the area along with the sunset was just breathtaking.


There were a couple of quaint little cabin-like buildings on either side of the ceremony site. I believe one of them is an actual chapel and the other one is more of a gathering hall.

It was a whopping 40-ish degrees when we were seated for the ceremony but once we got snuggled in, it didn’t feel too bad. This will sound corny but the ambiance seriously warmed me up it was so unbelievable!

The ceremony was very personable and sentimental. I was very impressed by the planning that went into it. After planning my own wedding I really appreciate every detail that goes into planning a wedding. They truly put a lot of thought and heart into it. The bride was so very pretty and sweet and the couple looked so happy. Such a heartwarming sight to see.

And speaking of sights to see…

Afterwards we headed to the reception, and to those of you who are very observant, you will notice I have tights on at the wedding, but not at the reception. I have this thing about wearing constrictive clothing. I find that if I wear anything too tight (like tights) for too long, my stomach often bloats and becomes very upset. Just another one of my little quirks. Thus, I removed the tights for the reception.

We relaxed with a glass of wine and some hors d’oeuvres (<——-my goal is to learn how to spell that word without spell check), got in one slow dance, wished the new happy couple well, and made our way home.

That’s when trouble struck. I thought the nausea I was feeling was maybe because I ate a cupcake and it just wasn’t settling completely right. I got home and got into bed right away hoping a good nights rest would ward off whatever was trying to weasel it’s way in. No such luck. An hour later I was up and in the bathroom and basically made my bed in there for the rest of the night. That’s as far as I’ll go with the details because you all know the rest of the story.

So, no food photos from the past four days. My food intake has consisted of applesauce, Saltine crackers, banana, frozen fruit bars, brown rice, Cream of Wheat and ginger ale. Bland and boring. My body is definitely craving carbs so that is what I am feeding it for now. Even today, nothing is tasting good to me.

My body is fighting to recover but it is taking a while. I will get back into my normal eating pattern soon enough, and back into working out again for that matter.

I am always so good about washing my hands, sanitizing my office, using antibacterial for my hands, but sometimes it’s just not enough. Being that my immune system is compromised it doesn’t take as much for me to get sick as someone who is completely healthy. My body has been working so hard on trying to normalize my colitis that it doesn’t have as much energy to fend off anything else.

This is just another reminder to all to get your flu shot, wash your hands, eat a well-balanced diet, get plenty of rest, and try to remove unnecessary stressors from your life. It’s easy to forget the importance of that until you are hit with a bug that knocks you down for a solid 4-5 days. So not fun.


Yoga Challenge Check-In

One last thing… I did get my yoga on this week. I can’t remember which day it was now but I’m pretty sure it was Tuesday, I found a light yoga OnDemand. It was a 40 minute yoga session for beginners and it felt GREAT.

Since I was sick the past few days I didn’t get a chance to check in with Courtney’s link up, but I just wanted you all to know that so far, so good on keeping to my once a week yoga goal!

Anyway, I’ve missed you all. Excited to get back on track and share some good recipes with you very soon.

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  1. Courtney

    Awwww girl! So sorry to hear you’ve been sick 🙁
    Hopefully you’re back to 100% SOON!

  2. Feel better sweetheart! We need another dinner or get together soon. Maybe a fall walk? Muah!

  3. Danielle (@itsaharleyylife)

    wow that wedding looks beautiful! Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Melanie

      Thank you honey! I’m starting to feel a lot better. I’m hoping ONE more great night’s rest will be the icing on the cake. Hope you are well!

  4. CaligirlSM

    I’m sorry to hear you weren’t feeling well. Getting the flu is no fun. Hope that you feel better soon.

    1. Melanie

      Thanks dear! I am feeling better now finally!

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