Enjoy Life While Training Plan

Dinner last night was healthy and delicious, and the company was even better. I went to mom and dad’s and my brother, Kevin was there as well. We ate, laughed, chatted, and relaxed.

Dad’s a little goofy if you haven’t noticed by now! I love them all so much. It was a perfect way to spend Friday night.

We spent some time watching YouTube videos of Sophia Grace and Rosie who are two adorable little girls who have been frequent guests on the Ellen show. Sophia Grace is an 8-year-old “rapper” and her side-kick Rosie dances and lip-syncs by Sophia’s side. It is the CUTEST thing. If you haven’t seen them yet, check them out here on YouTube. They will make your day.


Half Marathon Training Plan Decisions

A few days ago, I discussed my contemplation between half marathon training plans. I mentioned that Dana was leaning towards one plan, and I was leaning toward the other, and trying to decide if we should go separate routes with training for our first half marathon in June. I was hoping for some tips and advice from runners out there and I was fortunate to get some that really helped shape my decision.

The comment that struck me was one from a reader named Lisa. She is an avid runner, running about 3-4 full marathons annually among other races as well. Here was her advice:

“For my very first marathon, I followed a training plan and I found that when someone else was telling me when to run and how far to go, it became work and I dreaded it. Since then, I have just run to run and not worried about how far I was going. Two years ago I ran my first sub-four hour marathon and couldn’t have been happier. Now, this is not to say that training plans don’t work, but I found that I resented mine. Like I said, I listen to my body, run longer runs when I feel like it (or have the time- usually on the weekends) and give myself rest when I need it.”

Lisa completely shook some sense into me. I guess I was just so used to reading about training plans and talking to people who had used them, that I didn’t really think about the other options.

With that comment, my decision has been made. I will train on my own schedule. Most likely I will stick to running 2-3 short runs during the week, and one longer run on the weekend, as this is typically when I have the most time. However, I do have certain days off in the week so I may find myself doing my longer runs on those days. I love having the freedom to do what I want.

Just as my reader mentioned, I don’t want running to become a chore. If I don’t feel like running one day, that’s okay, I will cross-train instead, or maybe take a rest day if I feel that’s what my body needs. I am learning to listen to my body. I am one of those people who have a hard time taking a total “rest” day. I love to be active and to keep moving, but I also know how important it is to give my body a break.

I am very excited to see how this, “Enjoy Life while Training Plan” goes. My plan is to run on my own terms, to run when I feel like running, and not beat myself up for shortening or lengthening a run on any particular day. I will increase my mileage on long runs gradually and safely and continue to put it an appropriate amount of miles weekly. With the beautiful weather in our midst, and many fun spring and summer plans scheduled, this will be the perfect way to accommodate training in my life.

My goal is to make sure running does not become a chore, and to continue to learn how to enjoy running. I don’t always love running, but I am definitely learning to like it.

I have never regretted a run.

Thanks for your advice and comments. All of you runners out there are so motivating to me. I have a long way to go, but I am getting there. Now I suppose I better get out there and move it or lose it!

What are you doing to stay active today?

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