Redundant Summer Meals

I know I’m not alone on this one…when the summer rolls around, I tend to struggle with maintaining my creativity in the kitchen. The grill and I become B.F.F. and I wind up tossing a protein food source with a bunch of veggies and calling it a meal. Hence the reason I haven’t had too many food photos to share with you all.

You’ll see the pattern…

Salmon and veggies

salmon and veggies

Pork loin and veggies

pork and veggies

Ground beef and veggies

beef and veggies

A little redundant, right?

Less time in the kitchen means more time to be spent outside enjoying the beautiful sunshine!

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dana and melanie


However, I would like to step up my game just a little bit because I am getting pretty bored with my eats. So that is going to be my goal for the next couple of weeks: to amp up my food creativity level. The grill can still be my B.F.F., but it can serve for a more creative cooking vessel versus just grilling a piece of meat and calling it a day.

I am hoping to make up a batch of hippie loaf with a few modifications this week. Here’s to hoping!

What are your favorite meals to make in the summer? Do you feel your meals get a little redundant like mine?

13 thoughts on “Redundant Summer Meals

  1. Nothing wrong with some grillin’ in the summertime! 😉 I like sushi in the summer because you eat it cold. And I sometimes make dips like guac and salsa into dinner when I pair it with veggies for scoops instead of tortilla chips. Seafood in the summer is a must, too!

    • Ha ha yes! My Pinterest board is piling up. My inspiration is starting to build and I am actually preparing something creative for dinner tonight!

  2. Honestly one of the best things I’ve had on the grill is a romain Caesar salad. Sounds bizzare but it is so delicious. Just grill a hearts of romaine (stalk? Whatever it’s called when its not all chopped) and do whatever toppings/dressing you want. The flavor of the grilled romaine is incredible!

  3. At least they are all healthy meals! I love the picture of Moose with the celery, so funny. I’m starting to become obsessed with German Shepherds now that Gigis gone because they remind me of her. I saw the Instagram photo of him with his front paws crossed and she used to sit like that all of the time. I thought it was because she was a lady, but that’s clearly not why. 😉
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