Steak Face

After work yesterday, I headed to mom and dad’s and was greeted by this white little furball named Abbie.

The greeting begins with running over to me with a major tail wag. Then she gets down on her belly so that you can give her a back rub.


And a head rub…pure bliss on her face.



Puppy love.



And then she ends the greeting with asking for a belly rub.


Oh Abbie May. Talk about making a gal feel welcome. I love how dogs are SO excited to see you whether you’ve been gone for days, or a couple of hours. They are so full of love. Or maybe she just loves a good belly rub?

Speaking of full of love…

I had so much fun hanging out with mom and dad last night. I felt very relaxed as I sat back and watched as they prepared dinner. As much as I enjoy cooking, it’s nice to have someone else cook for you every once and a while.

Of course, when I asked for a photo of them preparing dinner, this is what I got: Steak face. And then there’s mom by his side holding up her cute little portobello mushroom.


That photo makes me chuckle every time. You  may remember the last time I had steaks over there, I got this photo…

What can I say, he always makes me laugh.

Then I got a sweet one. Are they not the cutest? Seriously.


We snacked on juicy watermelon as our appetizer.


Once the steaks were done, we made our way to the deck for dinner.

If you are a long time reader of my blog, you know by now that I’m not a huge red meat eater, however I do enjoy it every once and a while. Last night, my steak (it was either Porterhouse or T-Bone not sure) was fabulous. It was tender and so flavorful. Mom made sauteed mushrooms and onions to go on top. On the side I ate a simple green salad and green beans.


I cleaned my plate.

After dinner, mom and I took Abbie out for a walk around the neighborhood. The nights have been cooling off so beautifully around here lately and the temperature was mid-70’s on our walk. It felt great. What a perfect way to spend the evening.

Tonight is a normal evening on the home front, and I just may be cooking something for the first time all week. I would like to get creative. We’ll see what my brain comes up with throughout the day. I do have A LOT of tomatoes and zucchini…

What are YOU making for dinner tonight?

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