Bridal Shower and Baby Room Crafts

Hey! Did this weekend even happen? It flew by so fast holy cow!

I thought I’d catch you up from some of my weekend events because it was seriously a GREAT weekend.

I had burgers two nights in a row, so that’s always good (says the baby). Plus, I manned the grill one of the nights! The other night Dana and I went out to Lucky’s 13 and I had an amazing burger with caramelized onions, peppadews, cheese, and bacon. So good!


In case you are wondering I spread a laughing cow cheese wedge on the bottom bun. I WILL be doing that again.

I finished the paintings for one wall of the nursery. Those will be hung on the wall of course and not sitting on the crib ledge. 😉 I think these are going to look adorable in there! Plus I painted them myself, so the little one will hopefully appreciate that some day. Maybe.

baby room decorations


On Saturday, Dana and I went for a walk around the lake and I melted from the heat. This internal furnace has me real hot these days, and it didn’t help that it was 85 degrees and humid I suppose. 🙂 I was still happy to have gotten out for a walk but I was spent afterwards.

The rest of the weekend was dedicated to my future sister-in-law’s bridal shower. My oldest brother, Scott is getting married next month, and mom and I wanted to host one of her showers for her.

Here are some pics from the party!

scott and nicole bridal shower flowers bridal shower bridal shower banner menu bridal shower bridal shower food bridal shower food


The company, the food, the games….everything was so much fun. But speaking of spent, I could hardly keep my eyes open the rest of afternoon! It was worth it though.

Is anyone else dealing with seasonal allergies right now? I know the weed count is high, and I am wondering if that is what I’m allergic too. I thought it was a cold at first but now I am almost 95% sure it is allergies again. We haven’t gotten rain in a while and I think that is part of the reason they are acting up again.

Anyway! I hope everyone had a FABULOUS weekend! I have lots of fun on the agenda this coming week again. It’s high school reunion time which means friends are flying in from around the country! Can I get a whoop whoop for that?!

Have you ever hosted a bridal or baby shower? Did you enjoy it?

Any allergy sufferers?

Do you go to your high school reunions?

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  1. Katie

    MMM, I love pinwheels, such a great shower food! I recently did tomato, mozz, basil and balsamic. I haven’t gone to a high school reunion yet, but I’m sure I will as long as I don’t have something else booked that weekend.
    Katie recently posted…Peace Perspective XXX: Stitched TogetherMy Profile

    1. Melanie

      The pinwheels were definitely a hit! I did a much unhealthier version with cream cheese, shredded cheese, sour cream, green chilis, black olives, green onions, and cumin!

  2. I love the artwork for the nursery! I’ve been trying to figure out what to put on the walls. I have some ideas, but haven’t made any purchases just yet. Oh yes, the being pregnant in the heat is SO hard. I’ve been living in the AC these days. I have no desire to go outside when it’s so hot/humid.
    Holly @ EatGreatBEGreat recently posted…13 Tips to Stay Healthy While PregnantMy Profile

    1. Melanie

      Me neither! Part of me feels guilty about hankering myself down inside so much, but the other part of me says it’s definitely okay. Unless we can be in a pool in the heat, it’s not the best place for us to be right now!

  3. Shelly

    I loved my high school reunion. We don’t do 5 year reunions, but did a 10 year. It was a blast! The only downside was that a bunch of people I wanted to see weren’t even there. So sad!
    Shelly recently posted…Applegate Fun on National Hot Dog DayMy Profile

    1. Melanie

      Yea, I went to my 5 year and had a great time. Hoping to have just as much fun at this one! It will be fun to see who’s there!

  4. Diane Creager

    Still live reading your blog and look forward to seeing u on Sunday
    I’m hosting another bridal shower in CA in two weeks. Anybsuggestions for some games???

    1. Melanie

      Oh thanks, Diane! I’m excited to see you too! Hmm…we played a game this weekend where the bride had to respond to a list of words with her first thought. Ex: The word given might be champagne, and her response was flute. Other responses could have been toast or bubbly or whatever first pops into her head. She answers these all before the shower and then you have all of the guests do it at the party. Whoever gets the closest amount correct to what the bride had, wins. It was a lot of fun. The second game we played was a purse scavenger hunt. We had all of the ladies grab their purses and were given a list of items with points attached to each. If they had an item in their purse they would get points. Whoever had the most points won.

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