Father’s Day Everyday

Today I am celebrating Father’s Day with my family. Although the official “Father’s Day” was nearly a week ago, like many of us, I believe Father’s Day should be celebrated throughout the entire year. Here is my tribute to my absolutely incredible dad.

After three boys you finally got a baby girl…Did you have any idea what were you getting yourself into?!

Happy squeals, pink clothes, tutus, frilly socks…

melanie and dad

Dance recitals, new adventures and family vacations that really rocked.

melanie and dad

Coaching basketball, ponytails, girl drama, and mood swings…

melanie and dad

Cracking jokes, making puns, and always making us laugh. This is one of my favorite things.

melanie and dad

Musicals, sporting events, parties, family bonds, amazing memories…

mom,dad,me chan  

And giving Dana the permission, when he asked you if he could marry me.


Choreographing our father/daughter wedding dance to the song “My Girl”…

wedding dad

Fighting back the tears as we carried out our twirls.

wedding dad

To my handsome dad who always has my back in all I do,

Happy Father’s Day today and everyday. Thank you for always making me laugh…


wedding dad

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  1. Terry

    I just saw this Melanie! A very nice tribute to your dad who is also a great brother- in- law!

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