I Cook, I Eat

Happy April! Today is Dana and my 6 month wedding anniversary (and that’s no joke). 😉

Here is a very quick recap of my weekend. It looks like all I did was eat seeing as most of the photos are of food, but I promise I did more than just eat. I cooked quite a bit too!


Morning run

run march 31

Flopped lunch. It looks pretty but didn’t taste pretty for some reason.

Amazing homemade banana bread courtesy of yours truly.

Dinner from Axel’s Bonfire at my in-law’s who just moved into their new home!


Attempt at pumpkin protein waffles.

Part of Sunday’s lunch.

Moose and Dana.

Special 6 month anniversary dinner. 🙂

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I plan to share some of these recipes with you soon so check back!

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