How to Make Beautiful Cupcakes

I received an email from a reader named Ivy who asked to write a guest post for Beautifully Nutty. Ivy works for a bakery called Little Bertha in Melbourne, Australia. I only wish these treats were a little bit closer to home because they look so nummy. They even have gluten-free treats! Anyway, I happily accepted her offer after she mentioned the topic she wanted to write about…

How to make beautiful, tempting, nostalgia-inspiring, flavour-inducing cupcakes!

Hazelnut & Cranberry Meringue Cake

Cupcakes are the greatest pleasure food. They are a beautiful, sweet treat which will give a celebratory and fun feeling to any occasion. They are probably the original party food. Making or choosing cupcakes is not the time to count calories or pinch pennies, because they are a pure escapist indulgence.

Part of the pleasure in a cupcake is that they are pretty and decorative, so you have to take aesthetics into account with your baking. Cakes and baked goods have such great potential to look pretty and rustic. Look for beautiful cake and baking inspiration on Little Bertha.

Get creative with your decoration and presentation. I love using unusual garnishes on the top of my cupcake icing like floral decorations, creamed sugar, marzipan, biscuit crumb, cream cheese, fairy floss, and desiccated coconut. You can use the presentation to your advantage as well, by using pretty cake display plates, cloths, and crockery.


Themed cupcakes are great for celebrating special occasions, and make lovely little party favours. Using a sweet little filling, like jam or caramel, is a delicious surprise to get when biting into cupcake. Cupcakes, unlike curry, are not better the day after, so try and make them as close as possible to the time they will be consumed so they are fresh and soft and moist. Icing tends to harden when left out in the air.

Pistachio & Raspberry Teacake

Some of my favourite types of cupcakes right now are chocolate buttermilk, salted caramel, iced tea cupcakes, pistachio and rapsberry, and lamington cupcakes. But really, you should just have fun inventing your own!

Who wants to go bake some cupcakes?!

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  1. Emily

    What is the recipe for the raspberry cupcakes in the picture???

    1. Melanie

      Hi Emily! This was a guest post written by a woman who works at a bakery in Australia so I don’t have the recipe for you. I wish I did though—don’t they sound great?!!

      1. Emily

        Ahhhh now I’m going to have to search for a decent recipe to make cuz they’ve been on my mind since!!! 🙂 also really pumped to possibly start a mini garden after yesterday’s blog GREAT JOB!!! 🙂

        1. Melanie

          You should! It is so gratifying eating veggies from your own backyard!
          Did you check out Becky’s post today for Monster Cookie cupcakes?! OMG!

  2. I have never tried iced tea cupcakes or pistachio raspberry. I’m sure I would love pistachio raspberry cupcakes, two of my favorite flavor combinations. Whenever I make cupcakes or muffins they never turn out pretty but at least their normally tasty.
    Nicole @ FruitnFitness recently posted…Fun FactsMy Profile

    1. Melanie

      Doesn’t that sound good?! Pistachio raspberry…mmmm.

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