It’s New to Me: Top 10

It’s new to me…

1. Buying pre-chopped fruits and vegetables. You know, the ones with the jacked up prices? Yes, I’m buying those right now. Until I can really get into the full swing of being a mom, convenience is a must.

2. Walking around with spit up on my pants, shirt, etc.

3. Referring to my sleep as “legs.” Leg one, feed baby, leg two, feed baby, and hopefully get a leg three. That’s when I know it will be a good day for mom.

4. Feeling accomplished after showering and even more so when I get out and run errands or go anywhere, and am on time!

5. Getting stronger by the day simply by carrying the little one around.

6. Being amazed daily by the changes I see in Bode.

7. Learning never to leave home without the diaper bag.

8. Forgetting where I put things, what I’m doing, what I was going to do…pretty much losing my mind.

9. Functioning on much less sleep.

10. Playing nursery songs on my Pandora radio and singing along to every song.

Hope everyone is well! We are doing great over here! Learning lots every day.


I’m linking up with Katie today for Friday Favorites because I am LOVING being a mommy and all the craziness that comes with it.

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  1. Katie

    Ah! love the update, keep up the good work!

  2. Sue Wehrenberg

    Brings back lots of memories! I’m so happy for you and Dana… AND the new grandparents! Enjoy every minute!

    1. Melanie

      Aww thanks, Sue! Hope you are well! You ladies need to meet the little man sometime!

  3. dana

    love it! I’ll never forget Claire’s newborn dr. appt. I left the diaper bag at home and I honestly don’t even think I even gave bringing it a thought. So it made sense that she did a major poo explosion and pre-poo, how was I supposed to know that the dr. takes off their diaper to do their checkup. It was embarrasing. I got teary-eyed, my husband was trying to calm me down all while looking like a sleep-deprived zombie. Thankfully, the dr. office actually carries diapers. good to know! haha. It’s crazy how right away after that kid is born, we are changed forever. But in a good way. And now that baby girl will be a year old in 3 weeks! Shoot me! Hope you’re making out well these days! Being a parent is hard, hard, hard but so incredible!
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    1. Melanie

      This definitely gave me a smile! Docs have to see this alllll the time. It always feels way worse to us than it actually is. #hormones #sleeplessnights

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