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Hi friends! I had so much fun reliving my weekend at the Healthy Living Summit, but I am happy to now be back to normalcy again. In case you missed it, you can catch up on my most recent HLS Boston trip.

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It’s time to get back into the groove. You remember how this works right? It’s time for a breakdown of my Wednesday. Here we go.


Overnight Chia Bowl made with:

  • Fage 0% fat Greek yogurt
  • Silk unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • chia seeds
  • stevia
  • blueberries
  • strawberries

I let all of the ingredients except the strawberries mingle together over night, and topped the bowl with fresh strawberries in the morning.



Curry turkey salad over a bed of lettuce. I wrote down the recipe for this one but haven’t decided if I want to share or not because I wasn’t over the top thrilled by it. It was good though don’t get me wrong.

In the mix: celery, onions, turkey breast, grapes, Greek yogurt, and spices.



I stopped at mom and dad’s after work to hang out with them before heading over to meet with some girl friends for So You Think You Can Dance? I munched on some trail mix while relaxing, and then made my way to the table for dinner.

I had a very random, yet delicious dinner: spinach, green beans, and tomato…


And a half of a banana with peanut butter for some protein which went unphotographed so I used an old photo instead. Perfect!


The rest of the evening was spent with my girlfriends Amanda, Jules, and Sara. We girl-talked it up, watched SYTYCD, and ate M & M’s (BTW I have been over-doing it on the chocolate lately) while lounging on the couch. I had a great time with them, and always do. Kate, we missed you!

U.C. Update

I was going to end this post with a recipe, but decided to wait on that and give you an update on my Ulcerative Colitis instead. It has now been 3 months that I have been sick and unfortunately, I have to report that I’m still not feeling well. Certain symptoms have subsided such as bloating, which I can mostly attribute to removing gluten from my diet, but other symptoms (which I’ll spare you the details of) are still not under control.

I go through peaks and valleys where I am feeling fairly well for a few days, and then something happens whether it’s stress or a busy weekend, and I am thrown off again.

I am finding my energy level to be very low, so much as I am not working out nearly as much as I used to and it’s becoming less and less of a priority. Sleeping has become the priority, and I am truly trying to honor my body’s request for it.

I am seeing the doctor regularly, eating a very healthy diet, taking my medications as prescribed, sleeping, being active when I can, but the one thing I know need to work on is rest. With the summer being so busy, it is hard to rest. Maybe I should give myself a prescription to rest, then maybe I’ll do it? I’ll work on that. I think this is something that most of us could probably work on, am I right?

My mom reminds me that in the big picture of life, this time in my life is just a small little nick in the frame. With that being said, I must remind myself that not working out is not a big deal right now, and that rest is okay and saying no to invites is okay and that friends will understand. It’s hard to remember that when you are so used to the opposite.

I don’t mean to be a downer but I really wanted you all to get an update because it’s been a little while since I’ve given you one. I continue to try to stay positive, but this is really taking a toll on me. I won’t be sick forever, I can promise you that. I was just hoping to have fought this off already. I’m still me, just a more delicate me. I can’t wait for the day when I can tell you I am in remission and feeling fabulous. Let’s hope it’s soon.

Thank you all for letting me vent. I feel much better. I hope you all have a great Thursday and I look forward to catching up with you again soon!

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  1. S M

    Your night with friends sounds amazing and sounds like something I so need right now. I have 2 little kids (2yrs and 10 mos) so I rarely get alone time with friends anymore.
    Sorry you are still not 100%. I totally hear you on that. I have the same issues right now after years of being great. Few days great, then a bad day 🙁
    I have an appt next week so we’ll see. Good luck!

    1. beautifullynutty

      We all need some extra R and R. It’s so important to remember that we need to take care of ourselves. I hope your appt goes well next week. I have one as well so we can comiserate! 🙂 Keep your head up.

  2. paleoinportland

    Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. Do you think you feel better or worse than you did when you were adhering more to the SCD? I know your stress level is down, but it almost sounds as if you feel worse 🙁 Something that might even help a little bit is to eat the 24-hour yogurt again, rather than store bought, along with eliminating all grains (not just gluten-containing ones), legumes and sugars (aside from limited amounts of fruit and honey). Grains and legumes cause a lot of inflammation in the body and can do a lot of harm, and I imagine it would make a difference. I know this isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ and you have to find what works for you and your body, but I thought I’d at least offer some suggestions and try to help in a sense. I do know of people who have been able to control their colitis with an scd or paleo diet and have completely gone off or reduced their meds. Just something to think about. I hope you feel better soon!!

    1. beautifullynutty

      Hi there! I’d say I’m feeling about the same as I did when I was on the scd. I am still adhering pretty close to the scd/ paleo. It is very rare that I eat any grains (even gluten free) but I like to give myself the option but will be sticking to gluten free still. Thank u so much for always caring and giving me such honest suggestions. My most frustrating symptom is fatigue. I know I need to rest a little and just remember to take each day one at a time!

  3. Patti Heil

    Melanie, I am so glad your talk with Karen went well and you are able to work a bit less! That alone is definitely going to help you overall. Hope this helps you begin to feel better soon! You have been so patient and keep a positive outlook-I love that! It is so good for me to see, as I can complain a little too much! Have a great weekend and week! Patti

    Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2012 12:32:09 +0000 To:

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