Ugly Pacman

Good morning everybody!

Just got done going through the paper and clipping coupons! Our favorite little Sunday morning activity. 🙂 While we snagged some killer coupons, I ate my breakfast:

Non-fat plain greek yogurt (sweetened with a little honey) with blueberries, strawberries, and Special K with Red Berries on top. I love using frozen berries because it creates a little bit of a “sauce” on the bottom of the bowl which turns the yogurt purple and adds a little extra natural sweetness.


Lunch recap from yesterday

A simple lunch, but one that absolutely hit the spot and was so comforting on a cold winter day: peanut butter, honey, and banana on a whole wheat tortilla, rolled up and grilled on the panini maker.

Easy and delicious. I also had a clementine and some almonds as I waited for this to warm up. Moose sat and smiled at me as I ate my lunch. Do I have something on my face? Am I that funny looking? Do you see his teeth? He really is smiling! HA this picture cracks me up!


Last night we had Dana’s holiday work party at a Sky Deck Sports Grill at the Mall of America.

I had never been there before and was curious about it. I was very impressed! They had a bunch of arcade games like ski ball, table hockey, basketball, and Dana’s favorite, the Claw Grabber Game, aka the money eater. Upon arrival to the party, we each received a card pre-loaded with points so we were able to play games for free courtesy of his work (so nice!). Can you guess where you could find Dana?

Yes, that’s right. By the claw game.

Ready to be thoroughly impressed?

He won not one, but TWO ugly stuffed toys! A stuffed Pacman and a stuffed guitar that says Guns n’ Roses on it. I am so proud. 😉

After some arcade fun, we headed to the bowling alley and played three games with some of his co-workers. I bowled my best game ever which was 128. Everyone else pretty much kicked my booty but I was still proud of my score.

We munched on some cheese and cracker appetizers and then for dinner they had a build your own pasta bar. For some reason I wasn’t too hungry for dinner but I did snag a few bites of Dana’s pasta creation and it was pretty good. For dessert they had a vanilla ice cream sundae bar and of course I had to participate in that. I topped mine with some chopped oreos, sprinkles, and a little bit of chocolate sauce. We stayed until about 9:00 and then headed home to the doggy. We had such a great time!

Once we got home I was feeling a little hungry so I snacked on a small bowl of Special K with Red Berries with almond milk as we introduced Moose to his new toy, Mr. Pacman. It was love at first sight. Watch out chicken, you have some competition now.

Hey guys, check out my new toy.

He’s smitten.

Looking back to my food intake from yesterday I realize I didn’t get one vegetable in! That’s not like me…I will work on that today.

Off to get some fun Sunday “chores” done. We bought a new coupon book so I am going to organize that (wow exciting right?), do some laundry, run some errands, and probably go see mom and dad. Sounds like a nice little Sunday to me. Catch ya later friends!

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