We Found “The One”

Yesterday you wouldn’t find me shopping in any malls for Black Friday deals, you would find me being productive around the house instead.

My morning started off with a post-Thanksgiving recovery breakfast of banana with peanut butter, cinnamon and honey.

I then got busy ordering our Christmas cards…yea I’m a little late on ordering those I know. Whoops! We didn’t do cards last year because of all the wedding shenanigans, but this year I really wanted to do some.

When lunch time rolled around I pulled together a few delicious Thanksgiving leftovers

Then I took down the fall decorations in order to prepare for Christmas decorations!!!

The next order of business was finding a Christmas tree. We drove down to Nelson’s Apple and Tree Farm to begin our search to find our perfect Christmas tree. I was bundled up in my long underwear, sweatshirt, wool socks, boots, head band, hat, and mittens, but that wind was still pretty darn chilly!

The tree farm was really pretty and very well organized. They had each row of trees labeled so that you knew what kind of tree you were looking at.

Here is the first tree I fell in love with…

But it wasn’t the one we chose. We usually go with the Frasier fir variety like that one but as we walked around a while longer, we found a beautiful white pine and we knew it was “the one.”

That was our baby. We took turns sawing it down…

We tied up that bad boy with love onto the top of our truck, paid for our tree, and called it a successful tree farm trip (ski patrol style)…

I anxiously watched the tree on top of the car on the way home as the wind whipped through it. I was pretty excited when we were able to exit the freeway. Our poor baby. 🙂

We set up our tree once we got home but we still need to decorate it. Once we get’er done, I will be sure to share it with you all! It’s a beaut.

After our tree adventure, we worked on the egress window outside. My fingers were frozen by the time we were done. That is quite the project I tell ya. At some point we will finish both windows so that we can finally finish our basement. Some day.

For dinner we ate some leftover turkey chili that I had frozen from this batch a couple of weeks ago. It was the perfect dinner to warm us up. We relaxed the rest of the evening and were in bed by 9:30, no joke.


Today we are going to spending more time outside hanging up Christmas lights, finishing some yard work, and hopefully decorating the Christmas tree. I think it’s going to be a little warmer today than yesterday so hopefully we can make it an enjoyable experience outside. Oh the joys of Minnesota winters.

I will be perfectly honest with you…I am insanely distracted right now as I write this post because the Hangover II is on in the background. I was never one of those people who could study in college with the television on. I need complete silence. Nothing has changed since then! Sorry if this is somewhat of a splotchy post.

Anyway, time to get a move on it! Enjoy your Saturday friends!

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