The Seasons of Cozy

This wintry weather has got me feeling all warm and fuzzy. Being inside my warm house on a cold evening, dressed in my sweats and my slippers, and eating a bowl of hot tomato soup…it is just such a cozy time of year. I put together a photo montage of photos that give me that cozy feeling as soon as I look at them. 1. A gigantic bean bag chair that hugs you. cozy 1 2. Reading a book in front of a hot fire. cozy 2 3. Fresh out of the oven homemade bread. Cozy 3 4. A cozy attic to read and relax. cozy 4 5. Snuggling up under a homemade fort. cozy 5 6. Hanging out in a homemade fort and watching Home Alone or another Christmas movie. cozy 13   7. Being nestled away in this warm cabin on a crisp night under a starry sky. cozy 6 8. Oversized sweaters and sweatshirts (love). cozy 8 9. Down comforters! cozy 9 10. A cozy breakfast by the campfire. cozy 10 11. A warm bowl of soup. cozy 11 12. Slippers. cozy 12 13. And hot chocolate. cozy 7   These are the moments to relish. Get comfortable, be cozy, and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa! Happy Friday! What do you think of when you think of “cozy”?

15 thoughts on “The Seasons of Cozy

  1. lovelove being cozy. One of the best feelings in the winter! My favorite thing is having my fave winter outfit on: the softest fleece, lulu yoga pants and some super soft socks and being snuggled into a blanket with a book! Plus being in that cabin would be a.mazing!

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