Fallen in Love with Fall: My Comforts

The crisp weather is here. The leaves have fallen, the furnace is on, and the home turned from summery and breezy, to cozy and warm. I love fall.

I am realizing that I am falling more in love with this season as I get older. It brings so many comforts. I thought it would be fun to put together a list of some of my favorite fall comforts…

1. Fires in the fireplace

2. Sweatshirts and sweaters

3. Soup cooking on the stove or in the crock pot

4. Baking and eating warm homemade cookies and treats

5. Coffee


6. Warm over-sized bathrobes

7. Walks

8. Dinners in with the hubby

9. Rainy or snowy days where you don’t have to go anywhere

10. A clean warm home

11. My mom and dad’s house

12. Slippers

13. A big soft blanket

14. Reading the Sunday paper

15. Reading a good book

That’s the short list. I’ve said this before but if I had one day this fall where I could do whatever I want with no plans whatsoever to go anywhere, I would get a fire going in the fireplace, bake cookies in my sweats, drinking a big cup of coffee, watch my fair share of Food Network, read my book snuggled in a blanket, do some yoga, and have soup for dinner. That sounds dreamy.

What are your biggest fall comforts??


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  1. paleoinpdx

    I love that cardigan in your first picture! Where did you get it? Fun post, by the way 🙂

      1. paleoinpdx

        Wow, really?! I would’ve never guessed. It’s super cute! I don’t get to Target very often because it’s not conveniently located here, but they do have some cute clothes.

  2. Bob

    wow, you look so cute in the brown bathrobe. I bet it s very comfy

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