Great friends and Oreo bars

Thanks for having us over last night Bets and Matt! As always it was so great to see you guys.

We had an awesome time last night with friends but I am TIRED today. I got 8 hours of sleep though, so really I shouldn’t be tired. Maybe some of it has to do with the gloomy weather. We have freezing drizzle here today in MN and it’s not very pretty.

Before we headed out last night we filled our bellies with turkey burgers on the grill, a big blob of ketchup, and a side of roasted carrots with rosemary and garlic powder. They were pretty good but I should have let them go longer in the oven to make them softer. I also had a sweet and juicy clementine, some almonds and a calcium Adora disk.

Later that night at Betsy and Matt’s I had one too many of these amazing Oreo treats!

The recipe is from a blog I love to read by Courtney at The only change I made was when making the batter for the bar, I cut the butter and brown sugar in half from 1/2 cup to 1/4 cup each and I used Reduced Fat Oreos to try to cut the fat a bit (ha).

The review: They turned out just perfect and everyone raved. One person commented with “I think I just died…” and another said, “this may be one of the best desserts I’ve ever had.” WOW! Way to go Courtney! These are a winner for sure. Thanks for the great recipe.


This morning started off with a savory breakfast which is out of the ordinary for me. I think it was all the bars I ate last night that really had me craving the salt. I made a string cheese quesadilla on a whole grain tortilla paired with blackberries and a clementine on the side. Oh, and coffee. Always coffee.

We ran some errands then headed to our friends Brian and Amanda’s place for lunch. They made a delicious chicken salad sandwich with curry, homemade hummus, veggies, pita chips, and fruit. It was a very delicious lunch and such great company. Thank you both for having us!

Now we are home and both the boys are “resting their eyes” while I veg out on the couch. This is the plan for the rest of the day and I am not ashamed to say it. I hope you are having a relaxing Sunday!

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