Laugh a Little

Is it seriously Sunday? Where did this weekend go? Holy cannoli!

My morning started off with a light and healthy breakfast: blueberries, blackberries, and yogurt in my cute new mug.

I wanted to keep breakfast light because I was meeting up with my good friends, Kate and Heidi for lunch in just a couple of hours. We met in Mankato and as always, it was so great to see them and catch up. I didn’t snap a photo of my lunch but I had a cup of chili, a dinner roll, and a side salad with raspberry viniagrette. On the hour drive with Kate, we listened to the 90’s station, danced to the Macarena, and giggled like little girls.

Photo: Me, Kate, and Heidi this summer at Chino Latino’s for “Mel’s Night Out”—such a blast!

While I was a away at lunch, Dana had been busy cleaning and painting! We bought a decorative ladder shelf from Target on Friday and the wall that we want it up against needed a fresh paint job. We decided to make the wall an accent wall with some leftover paint we had. Dana surprised me when I got home and had the wall all painted already! Now we just need to let it dry and we can attach the ladder to the wall and start filling the shelves! I am pretty psyched about it. I will be sure to snap a photo of it once it’s finished!

Today was also a day of errands, laundry, and I am hoping a little rest and relaxation tonight. I am feeling very sluggish this afternoon. I need to think about meals for the week as well. I have a guest coming over for dinner on Tuesday night and want to make something extra delicious for her! 😉 As for dinner tonight, I have absolutely nothing planned and it will most likely be a do your own thing, night.


Back track to last night, and you will find Dana and I amidst a date night!

We went to see a comedy show by the guys from KFAN radio. I don’t really listen to KFAN but Dana does, so we thought we would give it a go plus tickets were only $10 a piece.I was just hoping they weren’t going to say a lot of KFAN jokes that were only funny to those who listen to the show. I figured no matter what we would get a few chuckles out of it. I was pretty excited anyway.

We tried snapping a photo together before we left for the show but were clearly having some issues with the lighting hence Dana’s half lit face.

Clearly, very excited. Excited enough to walk like an Egyptian.

So, what did we think? We really liked it! They had six “comedians” in the line-up. Some of them were more funny than others, but that’s to be expected. I definitely laughed a lot which felt so good! We had a few people at our table however who must not have had ANY sense of humor because they didn’t crack a smile the whole show. Now come on, laugh a little, it’s good for the soul! At least we thought it was a great way to spend our Saturday night.

Alright, I’m off to hang with the boys and help with house stuff. Catch ya soon!

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  1. kalley (@kds09)

    I bet your guest is excited 😉 Also – what was the name of the show? Sounds like it could be a fun date idea for myself as well!

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