I Went Greek

You will never guess what I had for breakfast yesterday morning. No, it wasn’t overnight chia seed yogurt. Can you believe it? It was pretty close though. I made a bowl of Fage Total 0% Greek Yogurt, blueberries, blackberries, banana, chia seeds, and honey.

I gave it a good ol’ mix and was left with a creamy delicious bowl of sweet perfection. I loved the textures from all of the different fruits.

It was a good change of pace, however I missed not opening the fridge in the morning and having breakfast waiting for me to eat. Which is why this morning I decided to make myself an overnight oat, chia, and fruit bowl. I will spare you the photo because you have seen a kazillion of them lately. I do have to say this was the best overnight bowl I have ever made so far. It was very thick and I’m thinking I may have added some extra chia seeds this time.

Moose posed so nicely for a quick photo with me yesterday before I left for work. Such a good boy (sometimes). Such a cutie pie.

When I was looking at this photo I was taking notice of the background and remembering that I have yet to show you that finished wall behind me. I mentioned this wall project a while back but have been slow to decorate it which is why I have neglected to post a photo thus far. I still haven’t quite finished decorating it, but have placed temporary pieces on the shelves for now. Since I don’t know when I’ll be be completely finished with it, I decided I’d just show you it now.

It’s Moose’s cozy nook where he eats his breakfast and dinner.  Anyone have any ideas on decorating these shelves on a budget? I would love any input.



After work today I had planned to get a work out in. The whole drive home I was really thinking that it wasn’t in the cards for me because I was pretty pooped. I pulled in the driveway and told Dana I didn’t think I was going. Then the head games began. Come on, Melanie. If you get your workout clothes on, you will most likely go, and you will be so happy you went. Just do it. Go. 

So, I listened to my head and got my workout clothes on, grabbed my music, and headed on the door.

I planned to run a couple of miles, but wound up running three. My head won. I am SO glad I went. The weather was perfect at about 65° with a light breeze. I even challenged myself to a big hill so I can build up my hill-running endurance and muscles. Sometimes it’s good to listen to that voice in your head (when it’s positive talk of course).


After Tuesday night’s cauliflower fritters, which involved a lot more effort than I usually give to weeknight dinners, I decided that last night’s dinner was going to be simple. Simple, but there would be no skimping on flavor.

I went Greek(ish):

A whole wheat low carb Lawash Flatbread Brand tortilla, a layer of hummus, feta cheese, diced tomato, avocado slices, and baby kale.

Holy moly this thing was so stinkin’ amazing! The flavors all worked so well together. I want to make it again, like now. It was so easy, fresh, and a perfect weeknight meal.

The wraps were served alongside grilled asparagus and broccoli dipped in hummus (broccoli not pictured).

After dinner, we cleaned up the tiles in the bathroom downstairs so that they are ready to be sealed. Bathroom renovation is quite the process I tell ya. I have decided the bathroom colors are going to be gray/brushed nickel, dark brown, and white. I haven’t bought the accent towels or decorations yet but I am itching to do it! It is going to have a modern and classic look when I’m finished with it. I can’t wait for it to be done so I can show you. So excited!

Have a great Thursday!

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