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Over two years ago, I submitted my first blog post on Beautifully Nutty. My intentions at the time were to share fun recipes, health tips, boasting “all things in moderation,” and sharing ways in which I try to stay balanced in my life.

I still have the same intentions, but my views on what’s healthy and the changes I’ve been through and made in my life have changed quite dramatically in the last two years.

To those of you who are new to my nutty ol’ blog, you can read up on my past journey to health update.

Time for some reflecting on my health journey with a little Then and Now…

Then…I used to have a crazy sweet tooth, and would eat and post sugar-loaded recipes on the regular paying little attention to how my body reacted to the sugar.

Now…I still have a crazy sweet tooth but try and limit my refined sugar intake because I now know my body HATES it and it causes crazy inflammation in the body.

sweet tooth


Then…I ate plenty of gluten often followed by lots of bloating.

Now…I am careful about my gluten consumption and know that if I eat it, I may or may not experience bloating afterwards. I am more aware of what can happen, but I do still have gluten from time to time. I’m lucky to have the option to do this as I know some people cannot tolerate it AT ALL.


Then…when I first started the blog, I wasn’t in a colitis flare-up so I wasn’t needing to see doctors too often, but when I did it was only Western medicine docs.

Now…I have been dealing with some minor flare-up symptoms along with hormonal imbalances, and I have taken on a complementary approach to my health care. Besides Western medicine doctors, I now see a Chiropractor, Naturopath, and Acupuncturist. I couldn’t be happier with my decision to dive into Eastern medicine. I’m actually falling in love with it. I do still appreciate Western medicine and there is absolutely a need for that as well.

nourishing traditions

Then…I’ve always been in tune with my body but not to the extent I am today.

Now…I listen to everything my body is trying to tell me and try to “fix” any offsets naturally. This has completely changed now that I have started Essential Oils but along with the oils, I will make changes to my diet when needed to try and accommodate any shortcomings. Headache = try drinking more water. Bloating = drink more water and tea. Constipation = increase fiber and water. Etc. You get it.

listen to your body

Then…I would occasionally take a multi-vitamin.

Now…I take multiple supplements daily that are made from non-synthetic sources (whole food supplements are so important for absorption!).

  • Multi-vitamin called Catalyn from Standard Process
  • Folic Acid from Standard Process
  • Fermented Cod Liver Oil by Green Pasture
  • Probiotics by Garden of Life

cod liver oil

Then…no essential oils.

Now…a Young Living Essential Oil distributor because I love the oils so much and don’t forget the light therapy from!


There are thousands of ways to use essential oils. You can use them for medical ailments, household cleaning, aromatherapy, an aid to weight loss, to reduce stress, to perk you up, to help with hormone issues, increase fertility, help with bloating, etc etc etc. Obviously the possibilities are nearly endless. I diffuse them every day depending on my needs for the day. Example; today I am fighting some type of cold/congestion so I am diffusing thieves and lemon. If we bake a highly aromatic dinner, I will diffuse purification. It is so fun!


The health field is so incredibly interesting to me which is why I chose to become a dietitian. It is always changing and there are always new studies coming out about this and that. The biggest challenge as individuals is weeding through the good and the bad, and making decisions for ourselves based on the information we gather from health professionals and in our own research. I am on the road towards holistic wellness and I am not looking back! I am so excited to continue my journey.

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  1. Sounds like you’re doing all of the right things for your body. You sound a lot like me…. I definitely have a few sweet “teeth”, but I try to limit my sweets to an occasional treat. That can be a little difficult with a food blog. The snickerdoodle muffins that I made yesterday for the blog are calling my name!!! 😉
    Kim @ Hungry Healthy Girl recently posted…The Best of February 2014My Profile

  2. Love this post girlie! It’s crazy how quickly things change right? I like you originally touted balance for everything but now understand that can’t be a mantra for all.

    I have some exciting stuff I want to share with you ! A phone date soon?! Xoxo
    Shannon @ A Pinch of Ginger recently posted…Snowy Chicken Sausage and Kale SoupMy Profile

  3. Caroline

    I love this. You are so so right. This past weekend I drank wayyyy more than needed and my body is telling me (still) that it was not a good choice. It is about balance, but you must be able to recognize when your body really doesn’t like something and nix it completely or most of the time. For me? That is dairy, gluten and white sugar. I feel on top of the world when I do 🙂
    Caroline recently posted…Why Yoga is More Important Then Ever for Me NowMy Profile

  4. 1 – Standard Process supplements are the best!
    2 – I would love to talk to you more about essential oils. I’ve never used them but would love to learn more – I hear all of the time that there’s one to fix every sort of problem/ailment!
    Danica @ It’s Progression recently posted…life lately {update}My Profile

    1. Melanie

      I would LOVE to talk oils! Email me whenever you would like my dear or we could meet up sometime?!

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