In case you were wondering…

In case you were wondering…

This is where I write the majority of posts for beautifully nutty.

In case you were wondering…this is how far I ran yesterday.

In case you were wondering…this is my biggest vice.

In case you were wondering…I ate pumpkin bread with peanut butter, cinnamon, and a light drizzle of honey for lunch yesterday.

In case you were wondering…I am excited to try these.

In case you were wondering…I am sweating pink in style with my new laces.

In case you were wondering…I will be traveling out of the country in TWO WEEKS.

Lastly, in case you were wondering, it is probably time for an update on my health status. After much poking, prodding, consulting, and tears, I am happy to announce that I am at about 93% in terms of kicking the Ulcerative Colitis flare. I have just 7% to go to get me back to normal, and I know my body is going to be there very soon.

As you have noticed, I have deviated slightly from the SCD. I will continue to live primarily gluten-free (minus when I had the stomach flu) and will be careful with added sugars, but I am very content with doing my own thing in terms of what works for me and my health.

I learn more about myself with each passing day. I am still learning how to handle my stressors and triggers and learning which foods to stay away from to help alleviate certain symptoms. If I feel a flare coming on again I will put myself back on a more strict SCD, but for now I will be following through with my modified SCD.

I will have more updates for you in the future regarding the U.C. as well as where I will be heading in 2 weeks! Lots of excitement to come…

You probably weren’t wondering any of the above, but now you know! 😉

Have a sweet Wednesday my friends. Catch up with you all soon!

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