State Fair Food & Home-Cooked Meals

Well, hello! It’s time for a little what I ate link up with Jenn! As always, thanks for hosting!

Are you ready for these eats? Let’s start with some from the state fair.

We got to the fair early to get to LuLu’s for some gorilla bread (like monkey bread—gooey caramely pull apart bread). We got in line and as we were waiting the guy behind me said that they are out of gorilla bread. WHAT?! That is what I was most looking forward to eating at the fair! But life goes on….

Runner-up was mini doughnuts, which truly shouldn’t even be considered runner-up because they were so darn good. The little warm gems melted in my mouth and were thoroughly enjoyed.

mini doughnuts

Caramel apple ice cream. It was really good but not something I would probably get again.

caramel apple ice cream

Fried pickles andย cream cheese, aka a pregnant girl’s dream food. These were my favorite thing I ate at the fair!

fried pickles state fair 2014

Not pictured: chocolate malt, pretzel cheese curds, and a salted nut rolls. EVERYTHING was shared and we walked 7 miles while we were there. Yes, I’m justifying my calorie and fat intake. #yolo

I can promise you these foods haven’t become part of my normal diet.

Now let’s talk about home-cooked meals.

I actually have been cooking a bit around here. I am really aching for fall weather and have been making comfort meals despite the warm weather.

Tacos. Tacos are seriously so quick and easy to put together and just so amazing.


Deconstructed burger made with beef, quinoa, black beans, onion powder, Worcestershire, and salt and pepper. They were supposed to be burgers but completely fell apart. I melted Muenster cheese on top. I realize it’s not a purdy picture, but it was super good!

deconstructed burger

Beef and veggie lasagna with spinach, onions, and mushrooms. Delish.


And the grand finale….homemade turkey breast and homemade mashed potatoes and gravy! Oh yes I did. Thanksgiving meal is my FAVORITE meal. Who says you can only eat it one time a year?

turkey mashed potatoes

Although there hasn’t been a ton of recipe creation happening over here, I am at least managing to get myself back in the kitchen once again! Can I get a whoop whoop for that?!

What’s your favorite comfort meal?

Have you ever tried fried pickles?!

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  1. Shawna

    i have had “frickles” — people go crazy for those things! i like them if they’re the lightly-battered, tempura-style flash fried, but i don’t like the deep fried/thicker battered kind. i guess that’s the same way i feel about calamari. comfort food, hmmmm…does frozen yogurt count? ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Melanie

      The line for them was just crazy, but I can see why!

    1. Melanie

      Yup the nut roll was for later—grabbed it on the way out. SO GOOD! I wanted chocolate dipped but it was too hot out. By the time I got to the car it would have been completely melted.

  2. So funny that you got the pickles and ice cream!!! And I don’t understand how I’ve never heard of pretzel cheese curds! YUM! Hope your pregnancy is going well!
    kim @ fittin pretty recently posted…How it’s goingMy Profile

    1. Melanie

      Haha I didn’t even think of that. However, I didn’t eat them together. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Melanie

      Yes they were served with ranch! Nothing like artery-clogging fried pickles, cream cheese, and full fat ranch says the dietitian. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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