Weekly Eats: Fruit and Veggie Love

Happy Hump Day!

I’m getting in on the WIAW action today and am linking up with Jenn! As always, I am recapping some of my eats from the whole week and looking back, I packed in lotsa fruits and veggies. Love it!

This colorful salad: mixed dark greens, broccoli, zucchini, pinto beans, shredded cheddar, red bell pepper, sliced almonds, and cottage cheese. SO GOOD! One of the best salads I’ve made in a while.


Red, yellow, and orange bell peppers have been my go-to veggie this week. They are so crunchy and sweet and amazing.

Banana and peanut butter wrap in a brown rice tortilla with a sprinkle of cinnamon and drizzle of honey. Always a winner.

peanut butter banana wrap

Organic cottage cheese with blackberries and sliced almonds.  cottage cheese

Lots of smoothies as always.


Gluten-free sweet potato pizza crust!

sweet potato pizza crust

Asian chicken slaw!

asian chicken slaw

My go-to fruit this week: Driscoll’s raspberries.


My contribution to a work potluck: turkey bacon wrapped pineapple with a sprinkle of brown sugar on top!

bacon-wrapped pineapple

My potluck plate: roasted red pepper soup, pb and j, tuna noodle salad, red velvet cookie, and strawberries. We had a Valentine’s red and pink themed potluck! So many delicious treats. We don’t mess around with food at our work meetings.

work potluck

The sugar intake has gotten out of hand once again so I am planning to stay clear of refined sugar for two weeks starting now!

Have a happy day!


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5-9 Servings of Fruits and Veggies

As I had mentioned before I am doing my darndest to continue to reach my fruit and veggie 5-9 servings a day goal throughout the holiday season (and always), and yesterday was no question a good day in that department.

I’ve definitely reused this photo more than once but here was my not so exciting to anyone anymore YET delicious breakfast yesterday!

parkers farm pb and banana

I LOVE PEANUT BUTTER and BANANAs! B-A-N-A-N-A-S! That is serving #1 on the F/V  tally.

One could say I am in a “rut” with breakfast but rut can sometimes sound like a bad thing, and I will never consider PB and banana a bad thing.  :smile

An unphotographed Skinny Ho Ho Mint Mocha from Starbucks was thoroughly enjoyed mid-morning; quite possibly the last one of the year for me, but we’ll see.

Lunch was very random. I wasn’t super hungry (probably due to the mocha) so I had a snacky day.

Fruit and Veggie #2: broccoli and hummus

broccoli and hummus

#3 (maybe a little shy of a serving): a handful of carrots

#4: Trader Joe’s dried pears from my stocking…..


#5: An apple


Serving #6 and 7 (and maybe even 8):  A seriously outstanding veggie hash. In the mix: kale, asparagus, broccoli, mushrooms, onions, leftover scalloped potatoes, black beans, an egg to hold it together a little bit, and cheddar cheese. Seasoned with salt and pepper and garlic powder and OhEmGeee soooo GOOD!



There’s my 5-9 servings for the day! Booya!

It’s a good thing I had a healthy day o’ eats because I have nothing to brag about in the physical activity department. I was completely wiped out and the most activity from my day involved a couple of errands and 5 loads of laundry. That’s okay though, I know I’ll get right back on that activity wagon. Plus, we have our 10K coming up in 5 days! Yaya I’m excited for it!

I hope you all have a fabulous day my friends. Happy Thursday! xoxo

Question of the day: What is your all-time favorite breakfast?

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